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A list of sins that Conversion Rate Optimizers (CROs) make – and how to atone for them.

2. Blindly following Best Practices

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About this sin

Starting with a Best Practice is not wrong. But never challenging or validating them on your site absolutely is. Every site is different and serves different audiences. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all.

How to atone

Even if Amazon does it, you’re not Amazon. Don’t be lazy. Test your ideas.

Helpful script

When looking at other sites, we have to understand that, just like with every company, not everything they are doing is necessarily working for them. Even if things were, there is absolutely no guarantee that it would work on your site. This is because every site has a different audiences - and every audience will react differently to different things - no matter how popular something may seem. So, I would recommend that you test that feature on your own audience as that would be the responsible thing to do. I would suggest you check out these useful references for more information:

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